Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Leading Lady

     Each of us at some point or another has to have thought about what their life story would be like if it was put into a book, play, or movie.  What would your life story look like?  Would it end up as a Lifetime special?  I kind of hope it wouldn't, actually.  I think the few that I saw had some deranged woman trying to run over her husband with the car or something like that.  The question is, however, do you behave as the leading role of your story, or do you behave like the supporting role?

     I think at one point in my life, I behaved as the supporting actress of my own story instead of the leading lady.  I let other people dictate what I wore, how I behaved, the friends I held, and I how I felt about myself.  My friends were not really friends at all, rather they were just characters that made my story interesting.  So I found myself doing what I could to keep those characters in my story.  Even if it meant sacrificing the very thing that was most important.  The fact that originally, I was cast as the leading lady of my story.  At some point in my story, I had forgotten that.  Or maybe I never even knew it to begin with.  I never really was sure that I had secured the lead role.  Regardless, sometimes it takes a series of events, (sometimes tragic), for us to realize our real place in our story and to start acting like it.  It takes actions, changes, (sometimes very dramatic), for us to secure our place as the lead role and to start acting our way to an Academy Award.

     Now that I know that I am the Leading Lady of my story, I intend to try to improve upon my act, all the way to the end.  My only hope is that when my story is done and edited and all the scraps of unused film lay out on the editing floor...I hope that what's left is good and decent.  That someone's life is touched by it.  I hope that the people watching my story know that I loved Jesus and my family.  That I wanted to be a giver of myself and I hope that I accomplished it enough for it to make the final cut.  I hope that after seeing my story, a life is touched or someone is inspired.

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