Saturday, December 5, 2009

30 Things I Still Want To Do or (30 Things I Still Dream of)

I've always had a list of things I wanted to do before I turned 30. Now that I'm 30, I made up a list of 30 things I'd Still love to do and thought i'd share them with you.

1. Go skydiving!!!
2. Go to Africa.
3. Get my pilot's license.
4. Go scuba diving.
5. Go to Europe & visit ancient architecture.
6. Write a screenplay.
7. Record an album.
8. Go to New York at Christmas.
9. Invent something.
10. Take Salsa or ballroom dancing lessons with my Hubby.
11. Have a career in photography.
12. Finish organizing & scrapbooking ALL my photos!
13. Act in a movie.
14. See U2 in concert.
15. Learn to play the piano.
16. Improve my guitar skills.
17. Have the availability to give a $100 tip.
18. Take my children to Disney World.
19. Have a tattoo done for each one of my children.
20. Take my children to see the ocean.
21. Sing in a jazz band.
22. Start a blog.
23. Do a family history for both my parent's families.
24. Sing on Broadway.
25. Design & sew an entire outfit.
26. Turn my backyard into a peaceful garden with water falls.
27. Go snow skiing.
28. Help to bring about the reversal of Roe vs. Wade.
29. Open my own coffee shop.
30. Make a difference in this world. Leave a Legacy.

One dream I'd like to add on here would be to have the opportunity to design on something like Extreme Makeover Home Edition.  Even for just one day.

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